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Transcripts and Billing

Licensure of California Certified Shorthand Reporters:

The Court Reporters Board of California under the auspices of the Department of Consumer Affairs of California oversees licensure and consumer protection for the public.

Legal Transcription Practices:

The Court Reporters Board has strict transcription format guidelines which requires transcripts conform to10 pitch, 63 characters per line. Some agencies may lower their rates to have you believe that 9 pitch is less costly, when, in reality, their billing is equal to or higher than 10 pitch and where they commonly add per hour sitting fees.  
A 9 pitch, 54 character per line transcription creates a yield of 20% more transcription.
An 80-page 10-pitch, 63-characters per line transcript yields 20 less pages for every 100 pages.

This practice violates consumer protection laws and is considered illegal
 by the Court Reporters Board of California and where upon comparison it creates a higher billing

Calendaring * Billing * Delivery

Notary fees, Certification fees, Witness letters, Transcript Sealing and Mailing costs associated with signature per code pursuant to CCP 2025 and all applicable Federal codes.

Insurance company-specific billing procedures, including printed bulk billings with Management Spreadsheets, printed, emailed or on ASCII disk.

Condensed Transcripts and Keyword Indexes securely emailed and sorted by adjuster and Claim #.

Hyperlinking exhibits, photocopying, mailing, and cloud archival associated with Certified Original, Certified copies, Condensed transcripts and Keyword Indexes sent to Deponents, Doctors and Experts.

Continuous scheduling of settings, resets, and associated paperwork and phone time are included..

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