A. Edelist Deposition Service, Inc.
Est: 1979


Telephone Scheduling:
Tel:  (818-788-3376)
Fax: (818-914-5200)

Last-Minute and Emergency Scheduling
Full service Statewide
Conference/Deposition Facilities
(On- and Off-Site)

Video-Conferencing Facilities (Off Site)       
Remote Internet Depositions & Streaming Telephonic Depositions

Interpreter Scheduling Upon Request     
Transcript Delivery Tracking

Daily Archival/Cloud Backup of all Transcripts

Current Events &

Periodic Company Newsletters

Email Scheduling @ 

Securely Bound O
riginal Transcripts

Digitally-Signed/Notarized Reporter Certifications to Ensure the Security of Every Transcript
Hard Copy, ASCII Disks, and Rough Drafts, and Realtime        
Build Searchable In-House Libraries of Doctors, Experts, and Witness Testimony Through Multiple Volume, Name, and Keyword Publication
Searchable Transcripts with Hyperlinked Exhibits, Video and Time-Stamps

Realtime Reporting and Integration with LexisNexis

Mobile Transcripts for IPhones, IPads, and Androids

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